Phil Brennan & Megan Howitt – Oxygen Thieves

FLOP OFF & Don’t Come Back. Both of You.

-your special ‘friends’ in NT Dept of Health. (& throughout NT GOV)


Good Riddance!

Good Riddance!







Phil Brennan’s FAKE FACEBOOK pages (for himself this time).

(sh) IT Master Phil Brennan strikes again.

Not a Facebook FLOP again, nope.

Cheers !

Philip Morgan Fake Facebook Pages:!bYdnxAgS!rnBEBLoOCGI0wGzE0OfrnlM8Vx233aoTu1CmtIK9pP0


Phil Postcards – Champion Edition

Philip Brennan public apology to Stephen Ferguson

NT Education Dept’s secret weapon.
Phil Brennan: loopy and droopy.
What a Facebook Flop!

Philip Brennan & NT Gov: FAIL.




Now he ex-General Manager of Human Resources for NT Department of Education, the man before on right to Chief Executive Ken Davies, even before he have high place in Office NT of Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE), salary negotiator for NT Government, protecting he’s friends in high places.

Using false e-mail account to make lying-illegal Facebook page (till now only one but who know all others he done already) use name of former government whistle-blower employee, after they leave NT for employed in another State, to make damage & dishonest comments about them on Internet. To Come from 50something-year-old man this really is a sad-pathetic behavior of 12-year-old  girl.

He even try cover his computer address IP using hiding proxy service from America then to not be caught. Sneaky and cowardly. But he apprehended because although he think he elegant & smart, he not.  He FAIL.

A great guy for have responsibility for thousands employees of government, dishing out NT Department of Education ‘justice’ for teachers who pisses him off.  Maybe this new kind of NT education discipline?  Death by Facebook.

Trustworthy? Reliable? Honest? Hahahahaha.

Bring NT Public Service in disrepute? ….. it much worse because he make entire NT Public Service & Government of NT he employed with now into its global laughing stock. hahahahahaha Executive level management, take information that come from he’s job, go away to house, create the false identities about former employees with malicious intent of harass them & of defame them.  Very sad.

He must have lot of free time.  Maybe no one is fuck him?

It might be you later or perhaps he already done you & you just do not know yet. How many of other fake social media accounts does Facebook Phil Flop make on another people that he not like?  When it finish?  Will it end ever?  Maybe he keep going & going & going?

Is this how ‘to use appropriate channels’ Mr Brennan and Chief Executive Mr Davies?

This how NT Education Department deals with people they no like – they give to highest Executives in there to try & spoil peoples life long time after they leave NT.

He Phil Brennan & he (very dangerous) Mr PhilsFacebookFlop.


Check out Phil Brennan’s Other Floppy

A picture says a thousand words.

A picture says a thousand words.